a) Vacuum the sanctuary, sacristy, carpets under and around pews, choir area, confessional, stairways, and downstairs classrooms as needed 

b) Dust the pews, sanctuary furniture, choir room furniture, confessional area, and tables in the back of the church (wipe off with a damp cloth or polish if needed) 

c) Clean all sills (windows, stairwells) 

d) Straighten the upstairs meeting room, and dust if needed. 

e) Clean the bathrooms

• Sweep and mop floors

• Wash mirrors, clean basins and counters, disinfect toilets

• Check Kleenex tissue

• Check toilet paper supply (keep 4 rolls under the sink as refills and one extra roll on or near toilet)

• Check paper towel supply (key is in top cupboard by phone on right side of door)

• Refill liquid hand soap if needed 

f) Wash, dry and put away any dishes in both kitchens 

g) Empty all garbage cans (both kitchens, both bathrooms, meeting room & in the back of church by the missalettes)

• Carry out the garbage to the dumpster west of the church.